Adderall extremely tired and no energy

Adderall extremely tired and no energy

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Adderall making me tired - is the #1 question.

Adderall xr aderrall, severe headaches, tylenol pm, human energy.

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But Adderall seems to be working pretty good. I have energy, will to live, confidence, social. If I don't take it I will be extremely tired, have absolutely no attention.
I seem to have super human energy, get all types of work. I have what I consider to be Adderall hangovers the next day, where I am extremely tired.
Anyways i am extremely tired and have no energy all the time... Its impossible for me to get up. I sure hope this is the cure so I dont need to resort to adderall to.
and if you feel extremely 'high', ask for an. i was put on adderall april 7 45 mg and felt great the first day then nothing no energy..dr is playing with my dose.
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The adderall is making me extremely tired after about 4 hrs. I feel like I. Adderall does tend to make some people tired. For others it gives a physical boost of energy.
But the Adderall made me feel great there was no extreme high or nervousness, just energy and a feeling of. I was extremely tired and back to feeling.
... before going back on the adderall. I was extremely tired and. Cranky since I had no relief from my ADHD symptoms and tired because of. vitamin that helps increase energy.
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Surviving the painful but extremely rewarding. and hang on until the amphetamines get tired. which made me sleep too much with no energy, so he prescribed me Adderall at.
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    ... Health Issues > ADD / ADHD > extremely tired. on the job, i had so much energy and the day flew by. but now it is a grueling experience.

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    Adderall extremely tired and no energy lunesta and adderall - MedHelp

    ADDERALL 10: Side effects, ratings, and patient comments lunesta and adderall - MedHelp lunesta and adderall - MedHelp adderall - Depression - MedHelp Adderall | ADHD Information Adderall and anxiety - Page 2 - .
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